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Sign up for the Best Online Accelerated Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) course. We provide the cheapest & highest quality Online CNA School in Colorado Springs and the surrounding areas. Voyager's Online CNA Classes fits everyone's schedule, so you no longer have any excuse not to start your new high paying & rewarding career today!

This accelerated CNA course includes Online lectures, in-person lab & real-life clinical experience. We are the lowest priced Online CNA School in Colorado, offering you the highest value without the additional expense. You will have Registered Nurses as instructors who will foster your education throughout your schooling process. Online CNA school has weekend clinicals at the end of class.

Payments must be paid in full for your spot to be saved. Paying online below adds a 3% surcharge to your payment, your other option is to bring a cashier's check to our office made out to "The Best Nurse Aide School."